Noblecoin To Go Back Up? Noblecoin Developers Announce New Features

Despite taking a huge price hit in recent weeks, Noblecoin still remains one of the most promising new cryptocurrencies of 2014.

A lot of altcoins die off when the developer stops supporting the coin. When the developer stops striving to push the coin further, striving to make the coin more beneficial and help the value go up.

Rofo, the developer of Noblecoin, will ensure this is not the case with the currency he created.

Earlier this week, announced that they are shutting down. The popular service was well known for allowing vendors to accept altcoins such as Noblecoin to accept payments by automatically converting them into Bitcoin, and eventually cash for the vendor. The shutdown of CoinPayments means that vendors will no longer be able to take Noblecoin as payment – or does it?

Nope! Rofo has told CryptoArticles that he has already developed a widget similar to that of CoinPayments that will make accepting Noblecoin for vendors as easy as it used to be. This is huge news, as it separates Noblecoin out from other altcoins that will no longer be able to be accepted. As we know, currency acceptance has a huge influence on the price and popularity of a coin. Since a Noblecoin marketplace has already been set up, this will allow a huge number of places Noblecoin can be accepted at.

On top of this, the developer’s of Noblecoin are continuously offering a higher exchange rate for Noblecoin than other exchanges – which only helps to push the value up further.

It’s quite clear that the Noblecoin development team is looking far beyond the typical pump and dump scheme of new altcoins, and is striving to make Noblecoin survive in the long term. The team wants Noblecoin to be around for years to come, and they are doing everything they can to achieve exactly that.

Having invested in Noblecoin myself shortly after it was released, I’m personally putting even more money into it now that I can see the developer’s intentions and desire to make Noblecoin succeed. I recommend doing the same and getting Noblecoin while it’s still so low – because once the cryptocurrency community becomes more knowledgeable about the coin, it won’t be this low for much longer.

What are your thoughts on Noblecoin?

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  1. Great article James, appreciate the support! :) In terms of some extra news, CoinPayments will be changing hands now and will continue to provide the service (hopefully in its current state) – the new announcement is on their site. It’s also been confirmed it seems (although not directly to myself at this point) that LitePaid will be offering NobleCoin support also.

    Our plan will be to get in touch with and accepted by all upcoming crypto payment services that prove themselves legitimate, and give users of the Marketplace a choice of payment processor when checking out. The current traffic and order statistics via WooCommerce is now helping make our case. Worst case, we will have our simpler widget accepting NobleCoin for purchases. Cheers!

    • James McAllister says:

      Thanks for stopping by!

      I didn’t know about the newest announcement from CoinPayments, I believe the announcement was posted after the time of writing. Anyhow, the fact that you still have something set up as a fallback plan is great and shows your dedication to helping the coin succeed.

      You’re doing great things with Noblecoin and it’s a shame the cryptocurrency isn’t yet getting the attention it deserves.

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