Why Darkcoin Shows Long Term Potential

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These days, its rare that a brand new coin introduces useful new features that raise the bar for cryptocurrency. It’s rare that a developer releases a new cryptocurrency that separates it out from other altcoins. It’s rare that something like Darkcoin comes along and changes everything. [Read more...]

Why Most Altcoins Are Designed To Fail

There are over 250 different cryptocurrencies available to use today. However, the sad reality is that 90% of these are going absolutely nowhere. 90% of these are going to fail, eventually cease to be used completely. 90% of these are set to fail before they are even launched. Why? [Read more...]

Bitcoin Vs Gold: Which Is The Better Long-Term Investment?

Investing long-term can be scary. Not only are there so many different potential investment options, but you never know how each of them could turn out. Stocks can crash. Gold could drop drastically in value. Bitcoin could become completely non-existent. With so many different potential outcomes, how do you know what you should invest in?

For now, let’s narrow it down to two potential choices: Bitcoin, and gold. Each have their pros and their cons. However, if you were looking to invest long-term starting now, which would would be the better choice?

[Read more...]

Where Will Bitcoin And Litecoin Be 10 Years From Now?

I’ve always said that we are in the very early stages of cryptocurrency. Despite the fact that Bitcoin is now several years old, in relative terms, it’s still very young. Even now, after the big Bitcoin boom that saw it rise up to over $1,200 extremely quickly, the general public still does not even know cryptocurrency exists. But when will this change? Where will cryptocurrency be 10 years from now? [Read more...]