Should You Invest In Poloniex’s Mining Contract?

Poloniex, the extremely popular altcoin exchange, has begun selling shares of a 10THs Bitcoin mining contract. They have opened up the opportunity to purchase shares of this contract, but would it be a good idea?  [Read more...]

Noblecoin To Go Back Up? Noblecoin Developers Announce New Features

Despite taking a huge price hit in recent weeks, Noblecoin still remains one of the most promising new cryptocurrencies of 2014.

A lot of altcoins die off when the developer stops supporting the coin. When the developer stops striving to push the coin further, striving to make the coin more beneficial and help the value go up.

Rofo, the developer of Noblecoin, will ensure this is not the case with the currency he created. [Read more...]

Why Is Auroracoin’s Market Cap So High?


It’s quite easy to judge the success of a coin simply based on the coin’s market cap. When Auroracoin very quickly shot up to 3rd on CoinMarketCap, many speculators assumed the coin caught success very quickly and even began investing money into it. But how did this happen? Was investing in Auroracoin a mistake? Let’s take a look.  [Read more...]

Heavycoin May Set A New Standard For Cryptocurrency

There are hundreds of different coins on the market today. While the big two – Bitcoin and Litecoin, brought something completely new and innovative to the table, the vast majority of coins available today are simply clones of the big two, with only minor details changed. It’s rare that a coin comes along and really shakes the game up, introducing new features that really help cryptocurrency move forward. Heavycoin has set out to do exactly that.  [Read more...]

Is It Still Worth It To Mine Bitcoin?

In the digital world, 2013 was known as the year of the Bitcoin. Bitcoin could’ve been purchased in the beginning of the year for as little as $40. Throughout the year, awareness for the digital currency rose, and skyrocketed in price, reaching over $1200 at it’s highest point.

While the awareness brought a huge increase in the price of Bitcoin, it also brought in a huge influx of new Bitcoin miners, including some people who have spent tens of thousands of dollars on Bitcoin mining machines. But what does that leave for us? Is it still profitable for new people without a huge budget to mine Bitcoin? [Read more...]

Feburary 2014: What Cryptocurrencies Should You Mine And Invest Right Now?

It is an absolutely crazy time for a miner right now. Early February has seen a crazy amount of events happening, causing careful decisions to be made for people looking to mine for maximum profit. There are a few different coins that would be really good to mine right now, and here’s why.

1. Dogecoin

Dogecoin Reward

Anyone who’s been involved in the cryptocurrency world knows that Dogecoin has gained extreme popularity, extremely quickly. The ‘joke’ currency has grown up and proved all of its doubters wrong. While it has gained a ton of value from what it originally started at, the value is expected to jump even more in a few days. Why? The reward for finding a Dogecoin block is about to be halved, meaning only half as many coins will be generated as there is now. A lower amount of supply will push prices of Dogecoin up even further than they are right now.

2. Noblecoin

Noblecoin Marketplace

Noblecoin has gotten an insane amount of attention the past few days. Not only has it been finally placed on CoinMarketCap, but a Noblecoin marketplace has been announced and will be open on February 11th. On top of this, Noblecoin has received quite a bit of media coverage for donating to various charities. With rumors of Noblecoin being added to Cryptsy soon, there is nowhere Noblecoin is going to go but up. I’d invest as soon as you can (money or hashpower!)

3. Mintcoin


Mintcoin is an all new, innovative coin which is designed to save power by only allowing mining for the first five weeks. It works like this – for the first five weeks after it has launched, it is mineable just like any other coin you know. Each week, the reward for finding a Mintcoin block is halved. After five weeks, coins are generated in a completely new way. Rather than mining coins to generate them, Mintcoin uses an algorithm called proof of stake. You will get interest based on the number of coins you currently own, and that interest will be added to your total. Mintcoin works in a similar way to stocks that pay dividends. Some companies will use the dividends to buy the stock holder more shares in the company. Mintcoin works exactly the same way.

So which coin should you focus on mining? That’s entirely up to you. Stick to mining one of these three, and you’re almost guaranteed a nice return on investment.