How To Exchange Litecoin For Bitcoin

Litecoin is an amazing cryptocurrency. However, despite having several advantages over Bitcoin, many people would rather have Bitcoin than Litecoin simply because more vendors accept it, and it can be exchanged more easily for actual cash. I’ve had a lot of people ask how to transfer or convert Litecoin to Bitcoin. In this article, I will explain in detail how exactly to exchange Litecoin for Bitcoin.  [Read more...]

How Apple’s Approval Of Bitcoin Changes Cryptocurrency Forever

Apple announced a lot during WWDC. However, as cryptocurrency users and investors, what they didn’t announce is actually more important for us than what they did announce. Apple has made a subtle change to their developer guidelines, stating

Apps may facilitate transmission of approved virtual currencies provided that they do so in compliance with all state and federal laws for the territories in which the app functions.

So, what exactly does this mean? [Read more...]

Why Darkcoin Shows Long Term Potential

Darkcoin icon

These days, its rare that a brand new coin introduces useful new features that raise the bar for cryptocurrency. It’s rare that a developer releases a new cryptocurrency that separates it out from other altcoins. It’s rare that something like Darkcoin comes along and changes everything. [Read more...]

An Update On

Anyone who’s visited the website in the past few weeks has noticed that no new articles have been published, pages haven’t been updated, and the website looks more abandoned than a desert wasteland.

Unfortunately, I’ve had some personal issues going on throughout the past few weeks and have been unable to update the website. I am the only writer for Cryptoclassroom, meaning that if something happens, there’s nobody to cover for me.


By the way, if anyone ever wants to publish on, feel free to contact me and let me know. I can guarantee your work will be seen by a lot of people!

Anyway, I’m pleased to announce that I’m back, and am going to be continue writing on the site full time again. I am also considering opening up a forum to make the website an even better resource for those looking to learn and discuss cryptocurrency.

Anyway, I wanted to let everyone know where I’ve been, and you all know that the site is not dead! Thanks for reading.


- James McAllister


Is It Worth Buying Mining Shares At CEX.IO?

Earlier this month, we published an article about buying mining shares with Poloniex, who began offering 1 gigahash cloud mining shares at a fixed price of 0.0185 Bitcoin. It was concluded that shares in Poloniex weren’t worth investing in due to the ridiculous price. But what about CEX.IO? [Read more...]

Should You Invest In Poloniex’s Mining Contract?

Poloniex, the extremely popular altcoin exchange, has begun selling shares of a 10THs Bitcoin mining contract. They have opened up the opportunity to purchase shares of this contract, but would it be a good idea?  [Read more...]

A3coin – A Scam To Stay Away From

I’ve never been one to heavily criticize coins. Rather than publicly denounce a new altcoin, I’d rather avoid the situation altogether. However, when someone clearly tries to scam people out of their money, it’s time to exposure the wrongdoer.

While it’s impossible to be sure, it looks like A3coin is going to end up this way. Announced April 27th, the A3coin developer claims that A3coin will be for “anyone, anytime, and anywhere”. Despite the kind words, the developer claims he’s going to give away 83.5% in an IPO that investors would have to buy into with Bitcoin.  [Read more...]

Altcoin Announcement: OrangeCoin Launched Today!

Orangecoin OrangeCoin launched on Sunday with an extreme amount of success. Only hours after the coin launched, the coin already has a net hashrate of over 3ghz, which is incredible for such a new coin.

Similar to Yellowcoin, OrangeCoin has a limited mining period of two weeks before it becomes fully proof-of-stake. We recommend mining OrangeCoin during this mining period, allowing you to gain OrangeCoins now, before your only option is to purchase the coins on an exchange. 50 million coins will be mined within the next two weeks, while 150 million more coins will be generated through minting during the next few years.

While OrangeCoin doesn’t have any features that separate it from a lot of other altcoins, it will still be profitable for those that get in early.

Why Most Altcoins Are Designed To Fail

There are over 250 different cryptocurrencies available to use today. However, the sad reality is that 90% of these are going absolutely nowhere. 90% of these are going to fail, eventually cease to be used completely. 90% of these are set to fail before they are even launched. Why? [Read more...]

Dogecoin Funds Nascar Sponsorship

Dogecoin To Appear On Nascar

Dogecoin has always been known for doing great things. From the extremely friendly community to the random Dogecoin giveaways, kindness has always been a strong point for what was once known as a ‘joke’ cryptocurrency.

However, Dogecoin has gained most of its publicity from the giveaways and sponsorships it has become a part of.

Previously, the Dogecoin community had donated money to both build clean water wells in Kenya, as well as fund the Jamaican bobsled team in last year’s winter olympics. This time, Dogecoin is going to appear on Nascar. [Read more...]