Altcoin Announcement: OrangeCoin Launched Today!

Orangecoin OrangeCoin launched on Sunday with an extreme amount of success. Only hours after the coin launched, the coin already has a net hashrate of over 3ghz, which is incredible for such a new coin.

Similar to Yellowcoin, OrangeCoin has a limited mining period of two weeks before it becomes fully proof-of-stake. We recommend mining OrangeCoin during this mining period, allowing you to gain OrangeCoins now, before your only option is to purchase the coins on an exchange. 50 million coins will be mined within the next two weeks, while 150 million more coins will be generated through minting during the next few years.

While OrangeCoin doesn’t have any features that separate it from a lot of other altcoins, it will still be profitable for those that get in early.

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