A3coin – A Scam To Stay Away From

I’ve never been one to heavily criticize coins. Rather than publicly denounce a new altcoin, I’d rather avoid the situation altogether. However, when someone clearly tries to scam people out of their money, it’s time to exposure the wrongdoer.

While it’s impossible to be sure, it looks like A3coin is going to end up this way. Announced April 27th, the A3coin developer claims that A3coin will be for “anyone, anytime, and anywhere”. Despite the kind words, the developer claims he’s going to give away 83.5% in an IPO that investors would have to buy into with Bitcoin. 

IPOs have never been very trustworthy. After all, for an IPO to work, you have to take the risk of sending potentially large amounts of Bitcoin to a developer in exchange for an unknown amount of an unlaunched currency later. This will always be incredibly risky – after all, you never have any idea how successful the coin will really be.

And then it gets worse. The developer appears to be extremely new and uninvolved with the Bitcointalk community, so credibility is a huge issue. On top of this, the announcement thread isn’t even in proper English. Grammar mistakes make the thread extremely challenging to read. Why should anyone trust a coin who’s developer isn’t even professional enough to speak properly?

Everything about A3coin screams ‘scam’. We recommend not getting involved with it – the coin is too risky to trust, and there are much better prospects available for investing in.

Here’s hoping the A3coin developers prove us wrong.

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